This was the weekend of romance, of making plans, of being together. This was the weekend our daughter went away with school and we got some quality time as a couple.

Oh how wrong was I.

We’ve not left the house since Thursday night. We’ve watched TV and hardly spoken.

Why is it that if I don’t make arrangements to do something or book to go away somewhere we don’t do anything? Is it wrong of me to expect him to organise something every once in a while?

It’s his birthday next month and I’m seriously considering selling the Bears Den tickets I’ve bought him as a surprise.

2 Comments on The Child Free Weekend

  1. It could get frustrating. Maybe he got used to you being the one arranging everything? Maybe you just need to express what you really want him to do for you. They’re just like that sometimes. They’re so clueless 😩😅

    • Yes, maybe you’re right. I have expressed my feelings and we have our third year anniversary looming so fingers crossed he’ll arrange something 🙄😂

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